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Professional Level Career Transition

We give people the knowledge and tools to use this transitional period as one of personal growth and increased professional vision with bottom-line results. These services range from one month to one year, and are customized to fit each individual's needs. We offer one-on-one consulting, instructional seminars, peak performance groups, video-taped role-playing sessions, networking support and clerical assistance.   We partner with each person to provide critical feedback, strategy and support. Our candidates have access to any of our more than 175 offices around the world for the duration of their service.

In addition to these resident programs, we offer a non-resident individual service to assist professionals with specific issues as their job searches are conducted from home.

Services include:

  • World-class, internet-based research and communications facility, including CareerPartner 24x7 and the Internet Resource Center (IRC)
  • One-on-one consulting
  • Access to teams of consultants
  • Peak performance groups
  • Resume development
  • Writing effective job campaign letters
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Career evaluation and planning
  • Development of a self-marketing campaign
  • Job search seminars
  • Job development
  • Assessment of communication style
  • Administrative support