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Executive Coaching & Development

Our service oriented approach, enables us to customize solutions to help clients attract top performers; identify, develop,and utilize employee skills; and manage staff for optimum performance. Our team of consultants has its finger on the pulse of today's business issues, and we are uniquely qualified to help your employees - and your organization - achieve the greatest potential.

Ourservices include:

Executive Coaching - Each coaching engagement focuses on the skills, abilities and behaviors that lead to improved business performance and results. With input from key stakeholders, our executive coaches work with leaders and managers to identify critical skill areas that focus on individual growth needs. Our coaches also focus on areas that can be leveraged and strengthened to bring about improvements in productivity and performance of a team or organization.

360º Feedback Debriefing - Our 360º debrief facilitation can help guarantee that feedback recipients understand the data and translate it into action. We understand that data does not make decisions. The recipient needs to understand the data, own it and make decisions to act on it. Our consultants are trained to facilitate this process and ensure that the recipient is prepared to translate the data into an Individual Development Plan.

Leader Assimilation Services - Executives who take on a new position,whether they are promoted from within or hired from the outside, find their honeymoon quickly ends. Expectations for reaching set goals and objective are high, yet the time frame for achieving those expected results is narrowing. The Center for Creative Leadership has reported that 40 percent of new leaders fail in their first 18 months. This reality is painful and expensive for the leaders, their teams and the company as a whole. The Ayers Group offers clients options to enable newly transitioned leaders to become quickly oriented in anew role.

Learning and Development - We design, develop and deliver customized training programs to address identified development needs of individuals and groups. Depending on the challenge identified, any or all of the following services may be appropriate:

-Competency-BasedDesign & Development

-Skill Assessment

-Needs Analysis

-Skills Training

-Trainer Training

-Action-LearningDesign and Facilitation

Organization Development - The resiliency, strength and productivity of today's organization depends upon a workforce that is continuously prepared or current and future market needs - to adjust and respond rapidly to changing economic conditions, to compete successfully on a global basis, and to leverage core competencies. Our organization development (OD) consultants provide an array of leading-edge processes, tools and techniques for achieving measurable improvements in organizational results and in the work environment, including:

-Competency Models




Managing Generational Differences in the Workplace - For the first time in the history of the United States there are four different generations in the workplace at the same time, and each of these generations brings different values, experiences and expectations to the office. This fact is contributing to new and powerful demographic forces in the work world today that are having an impact on every organization's ability to remain competitive. We provide a variety of services that are designed to help each employee, regardless of generation and level, maintain peak performance and work collaboratively with others.

Leading Through Business Uncertainty - Research has shown that the greatest challenge during times of business uncertainty is managing resistance, and the top reason for resistance is inadequate communication. Ongoing communication,especially from a manager or direct supervisor, has been the significant distinguishing variable in successful change efforts.

We partner with clients to provide an array of services to facilitate stability in the workplace and retention of the workforce during various phases of business transitions.