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Career Transition Services

We have been helping clients across a wide range of industries and we are to ensure that the people we support are enabled to make career decisions that suit their life choices and background.

As your consultative partner, we will guide you through complexities of restructuring to help you emerge stronger than before. We partner with you from the start to plan a restructuring, ensuring that the termination and reorganization processes are done sensitively and legally. We counsels corporations on a host of important organizational issues related to reorganization and downsizing, including how to manage delicate or potentially volatile situations.

Our services range from cost-effective, internet-based solutions, to highly individualized assistance for executives and professionals whose transitions involve taking new positions within organizations, starting businesses and consulting firms or retirement. We have worked with employees at all levels, including CEOs, senior executives, managers, individual contributors and support staff.

Our professional consulting staff is adept at guiding people in maximizing the use of our technological resources, as well as assessing careers and objectives, clarifying skill sets, analyzing communication styles, and developing strategies for on-going career development. We also provide entrepreneurial training and in-depth retirement planning assistance.

We support a range of industries which include manufacturing, financial services, insurance, consumer market, pharmaceutical, health care and law.

Our Career Transition portfolio includes the following customizable services: