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Corporate Services

Our career transition clients often seek assistance in planning and executing a downsizing, then managing its effects within the organization. To ensure that the restructuring process is handled effectively, we offer assistance to client organizations before, during and after a downsizing.

Services include:

  • Corporate planning and impact review, including cost comparisons for web-based program options
  • Termination training for managers
  • Individual and organizational support
  • Survivor training

Our Corporate Planning and Impact Review services help managers and human resource personnel prepare for and anticipate the results of a downsizing. We offer comprehensive planning and situational review support to ensure that all logistical, organizational and business continuation issues are considered. We provide situation evaluations and assist managers in how to structure and adhere to a termination script. Managers receive counseling in the types of reactions they may face, and are coached on how to respond with confidence and sensitivity. Role-playing sessions may be utilized to prepare managers for termination meetings.

During implementation of the downsizing, we offer individual and organizational support. At the request of client organizations, we will be on site during the termination meeting, available to support the client organization and the individual in transition.Our work with those in transition begins immediately, as we help them to manage emotions surrounding the termination and counsel them on how to notify spouses and families. Following the downsizing, we offer Survivor Training Workshops that effectively guide those who remain with the client company toward future goals.We give monthly reports to client organizations on the job search progress of transitioning professionals.