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About Career Partners International (CPI)

Career Partners International (CPI), a unique corporate partnership of independently-owned career management firms throughout the world. CPI was formed in 1987 when the leaders of a multi-regional group of career management firms (each of which was known in its own area as a provider of excellent services) joined forces. They did so in order to offer clients in the quickly changing global marketplace: (1) an international scope of services of assured quality and (2) cutting-edge services that are constantly assessed and improved as a result of shared experience,knowledge and vision.

The specific advantages to clients of our inclusion in this partnership include:

  • Access to worldwide facilities. Participation in CPI is highlyselective; the independent firms included in the partnership mustadhere to high standards of quality in terms of facilities, supportand service
  • Cost-effective, international services
  • The most up-to-date, dynamic services available

Through the combined forces of our member firms, we have created a partnership that offers unparalleled career management services.Although our reach is, literally, worldwide, we can ensure our hall mark and highly personalized services in every location around the world.