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Changing Lanes: Non-Traditional Talent Pools Can Be Used For Succession Planning

The Star, July 3, 2012 -- In a perfect world, succession planning would be a simple transition. There would be a well-groomed successor with all the necessary criteria such as the ideal industry experience, skills and attitude; ready to assume his or her new role at the appropriate time. This is often not the case and this is where an executive search consultant usually steps in.Tapping into more non-traditional talent pools which are not immediately obvious is an option that some leading organizations have taken….more


The Foreign Invasion 

The Telegraph, June 10, 2012 -- They're not a flood, but not quite a trickle either. Westerners are flocking to India for jobs and to set up businesses. Manjula Sen and Kavitha Shanmugam meets one of them. Halime Tastan doesn't have the time to feel homesick.The diversified consultant on all things Turkish has her hands full with the increasing number of expatriates arriving in India. "I love India," says the Bangalore-based Turkish national, whose company deals with tourism, entertainment and consulate consultancy….more


On The Carousel: Job-Hopping Can Be Costly But It Is At Times Justified

The Star, June 5, 2012 -- Job swapping season is in full swing. As we are fast approaching the end of the first half of the year, the pace of employees changing jobs is picking up momentum. All the pieces are falling into place. Most companies would have by now disbursed their annual bonus payouts. Employees who are or have been assessing their career options would probably have collected their bonus packages and are probably ready to explore new job opportunities….more


Human Capital: The Real Deal

Malaysian Reserve, May 11, 2012 -- Human capital is a hot topic of discussion that anchors the gathering of industry captains at large events for deliberations on how it can be improved and developed. As there are a myriad of issues concerning human capital and the situation of talent availability, Outsourcing and Consulting Group of Kelly Services vice president, APAC, Anthony Raja Devadoss shares his insights….more


Asian Businesses Move With Caution Need For A Watchful Eye On Europe, US And China

The Star, May 8, 2012 -- There is no question that the economic storm clouds that have cast a pall over Europe are producing fallout across Asia. Business leaders across the Asian region cannot help but look at Europe's ongoing credit crisis and speculate on how it may impact their own activities, which have been largely immune from the latest global slowdown. The outlook for Asia in 2012 is caught up in this unfolding European drama, yet the prevailing view among the majority of business leaders is that the real impact will be fairly muted. Essentially, they believe that the Asian region will continue to grow, though at a slower pace than in recent years.…more