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In spite of what stage your career is in right now, career resources offers you a few tips and tools to allow you to put your best foot forward and land you your ideal job.

When you receive a phone call from an executive search firm like BTI Consultants, it implies that you have been identified as a potential source or candidate to be introduced to our clients.

Here are some tips to show your professional value in ways that are noteworthy and to the point:

  1. Make the most of the opportunity

A potential candidate is someone whom the search firm has identified as a prospective person for the position. We contact the candidates to find out more about the candidate’s qualifications and their experience.

You have the option to build a good relationship with the executive search market once you are called. Make the most of the opportunity by being cooperative and helpful to the consultant as much as you can.

  1. Know your goals

Changing career is one of the most significant events in someone’s life. It is important for you to be prepared and understand how this change will affect your other ambitions and goals – both personal and professional. You must understand fully concerning your own potential growth through the career adjustment.

If money is your main reason to move, then you should sit back and consider. Experience has shown that people who move for money alone rarely stay for long.

Examine your priority and identify your long term and short term goals.

  1. Be as objective as possible

The situation becomes difficult when it comes to money. Every time we start negotiations, we always advice candidates to be as open and honest as possible. Candidate should be frank and sincere but not too bold or barefaced. This is where most of the candidates fail – demand for too much money.

As a candidate, you may also conduct your own research into current market rates for the role. You can talk to your network of peers and scan the recruitment sections. This will help you gain some objectivity in the salary negotiation process.

It is great to be approached as real talent is always in demand, but do not let this become a platform for you to name your own price.

  1. Understand the consultant’s role

Candidates must understand that they do not negotiate with the consultant, but through the consultant. Consultants do not negotiate but they are to mediate between the two parties. They are out to get the right person for the job at the best package for the client.

Clients themselves can be varied in terms of their use of search consultants. Some clients might prefer to negotiate directly with candidates while others maintain the consultants as the mediator.

When the search consultants handle the negotiation, it is important to keep in mind that the potential employer is sitting across the table. This way, the candidates should be able to keep their demands realistic.

When the negotiation happened through the consultants, it actually helps both candidates and clients to maintain their objectivity. Consultants are also to ensure both parties are on the same page.

  1. Look after your reputation at all costs

It’s okay to have two offers at the same time, what’s not okay is to compensate either of them to the detriment of the other. Consultants will advice those candidates who are talking to more than one potential employer to be straight forward and also open about it.

You should be professional in handling all the negotiations, in some cases it needs to be handled sensitively. Try to avoid giving the impression that you are playing one party against the other.

Another more common situation is when you receive a counter-offer from your present employer. The best way to protect your position is to frame your resignation to your current employer as a new career opportunity – rather than financial reasons or reward. If asked you should explain that what you’ve been offered is, if anything, a little low. This way, you can still salvage your professional credibility if your current firm turns you around with a spectacular bid.

Key points:

Understand your goals – be clear on what you want from the role and where you’re prepared to bend a little to achieve the desired result.

Be as objective and realistic as possible – research the market norms for your role and don’t let ego cloud your judgment.

Understand the consultant’s role – ultimately they are there to facilitate the entire process. Never demand anything of a consultant that you wouldn’t ask a recruiter direct.

Understand where lawyers can and can’t add value – in most cases you ought to be able to reach agreement without them.

Look after your reputation – be as open and honest as possible, especially when you have more than one offer on the table.