Understand The New Skill Shortages In Asia


Given the cultural and language diversity of the region, as well as the talent development pressures that have been created by rapid growth,it’s perhaps not surprising that the skills in greatest demand and lowest supply include:

Communication: with an increasing number of communication channels used by businesses, including email, web conferencing and social media, there is more pressure on the communication approach of mid- to senior-level executives. Proven ability to communicate effectively across multiple platforms will be a distinct advantage.

Problem-solving and decision-making

People management: in Asia-Pacific, issues of management styleand the ability to convey as trong vision to staff are rated as more critical to employees than in other parts of the world. Our own researchof some 97,000 employees globally revealed that employees in Asia-Pacific were more likely to cite management issues as a reason to leave their workplace. As companies look to stem thetide of high turnover in the region, management for retention will be a key differentiator for senior managers.

Strategic thinking

For candidates living in Asia-Pacific, developing these critical skills and demonstrating experience in delivering them will providea significant advantage in obtaining their preferred role. For outside candidates looking to work in the region, it’s likely that these skills will be nothing short of mandatory as companies seek to plug skills gaps and recruit externally to improve performance.

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