Talent Supply Chain Management

Talent Supply Chain Management is one of the most discussed topics within HR at the moment. Here you can find latest Researches and Whitepapers related to this topic.

How To Enhance Recruiting By Building A Talent Supply Chain 

A holistic View of Talent

For many businesses, the time taken to fill roles is growing longer, the tenure of employees is reducing and the cost of acquiring key skills is increasing. More companies are looking for the flexibility to quickly ramp up—and easily scale down—their talent base, but are faced with three significant issues:

  • the supply of talent is no longer predictable;
  • strategic workforce planning has become more crucial and more chaotic; and
  • the regulatory frameworks for managing both contingent and FTE workforces; is often complex and carries risks.

Carrot or Stick - How Culture Shapes Organizational Safety 

Carrot or Stick?
Compliance and regulation may be the ‘stick’, but leadership is the ‘carrot’, and to get safety performance right, senior leaders will have some soul-searching to do all of their own. In this series, a compilation of writings by Anthony Raja Devadoss, we examine the reasons why every organization should:

  • Build a safety culture that's relevant to them;
  • Understand how core values relate to safety; and
  • know what kind of leadership drives safety performance.

The Supply Chain of Talent 

The Supply Chain of Talent

This report summarizes the results of research undertaken by the Human Capital Institute (HCI) and Kelly Services to explore how Supply Chain Management principles can effectively be applied to Talent Management strategy in this challenging environment. Our research included a survey of 280 talent-management executives and professionals in HCI member organizations in 2011.