Talent Management

Talent Management is getting more important than ever. Here you will find content that will help you in understanding your Talent and how to manage it the right way.

Turning the Downside Upside - Why Talent Management is now a Top Priority for CEOs 

Turning the Downside Upside

Ongoing market volatility, skills shortages, and the increased pressure to adapt to this new business reality have made CEOs reassess the importance of talent management in their organizations.

Enter the Dragon - Talent Challenges for the Asia-Pacific Region 

Enter the Dragon

The world’s economic woes are not shared equally. In fact, signs of a slowdown may be just what some Asian economies need right now. As full-tilt growth subsides, governments can shift their focus to domestic matters, including containing inflation—central banks in India, Korea, Taiwan and Thailand raised rates in June 2011—and removing barriers to future growth.