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Young, Skilled and Connected - How migrant populations can improve your access to talent 

Young, Skilled and Connected


In many ways, the old idea of ‘brain drain’ has new meaning—thanks to the mobility of the world’s workforce, and unstoppable global demographic shifts, the right skills are now harder to find and even harder to keep.Companies need to find new ways to attract and retain critical skills—and the original sources of ‘brain drain’ (i.e. migrant populations or diasporas) might just hold some of the answers. When conditions are right, skilled migrants will move and settle in new locations, bringing their skills and other significant benefits with them, including new ideas and networks.

8 Signs Talent Retention Strategies are Faltering - APAC 


 8 Signs Talent Retention Strategies are faltering

In our latest survey of some 35,000 people across the region, one thing is clear: employees are taking their careers into their own hands. They’re not waiting for the employment market to improve, for employers to promote them, nor increase their salaries. Instead, they Talent retention declines as opportunity grows in APAC are seeking to move from one opportunity to the next to maximise their potential and expand their skill and experience base. For the most part, employees have created a new career template for themselves that doesn’t include one employer for long periods of time. This poses a great challenge for HR professionals, recruiters and hiring managers across the region, and indeed the world. How do you hold on to talent when talent has already decided to keep moving? 
Here, we explore the results of the latest Kelly Global Workforce Index in an attempt to provide some insights, a reality check, and some tangible ways forward.

5 Ways to Improve Your Recruitment in Asia-Pacific 

 5 Ways to Improve Recruitment in Asia

Although the labour market varies widely across the Asia-Pacific region, in key markets with talent shortages, several key motivators to attract and retain employees can be found. These have less to do with skills and experience and much more to do with the value that employees perceive they have—both within and outside of the organization.

Asia-Pacific Career Guide

Asia-Pacific Career Guide

It’s never been more difficult to summarise the economic and business outlook for one region as it is right now. Many interconnected forces are at play and actual outcomes are dependent upon how individual countries and governments react. However, it seems Asia-Pacific is the quiet centre in this storm.
Asia-Pacific Career Guide
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